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 XP32bit vs 2k-pro vs Kubuntu S@H BOINC effcancy testing. NO! dose it function testing.
Now I know why NORAD doesn't use Linux... It won't install off the grid. (laugh, thats sarcasm)
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Well then. This is just a preliminary test of OS efficacy, turned into A64X2/BOINC compatibility evaluation.
I was going to see what OS was better on system load, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu 32bit or 64 bit. There is a walk threw for setting up a Kubuntu/Ubuntu BOINC box, and I followed it up to the BOINC part. I'd type "BOI" into the package manager, and the list of packages went blank. I initially thought BOINC wasn't available for this version, so on to the next. I ended up installing every combination of K/X/U, 32/64bit, version 6.06 and 7.10, to complete frustration at the package managers inability to function behind a proxy.
boinc stats hosts

X/K/Ubuntu's 32/64bit v6.06/v7.10
Right off the bat, I was unable to convince *ubuntu package managers to function behind the on site protection, till I threw the box in the demilitarized zone during install. It appears that even if the live CD is configured to work behind a proxy, the installer decapitates the package manager if it can't see some server somewhere on some mystery port. By the time I was able to install BOINC, I was so frustrated with Linux distro installs, that I let the crippled box limp along just long enough to get a feel of it's BOINC performance. Something between Kubuntu 32bit v7.10 and BOINC, could see both Brisbane cores, and for some reason did no more then half the work of it's twin at ALL times. The RAC never climbed above 310 credits/day average, LAB1 running between 590 and 640 credits/day average. Something not right there, however I need to get away from this box before I break something expensive.

Win 2k-Pro 32bit
2k pro installed without any hitches, and worked behind the proxy. Presently the box is now matching LAB1's work patterns, with LAB1 leading slightly. Oddly enough, being exact twins core wise, zar is crunching S@H solely, LAB1 is playing movies, and music almost constantly. And zar is lagging behind LAB1's score, it should be the other way around.

Win XP pro 32bit
XP seams to excel when it comes to S@H. However, unlike win98se, I have no guarantee that if the drive fails in the next year, that M$ will activate my legal copies of XP. At least with 98, if M$ disappeared off the face of the planet, I could still maintain my boxes. All I needed was a copy of all the latest updates and drivers on location for the 98 boxes. No can do with XP, it needs to "activate" to function longer then I think it is a week or mounth.

test outcome, and thoughts.
I am trying to migrate away from Windowz, for two reasons. one is it's shear cost on a system in the closet I never use except to fix it. The second has to do with eventual drive failure and M$'s activation scheme.

Being crunch boxes, the setup is simple. install the OS, strip out everything BOINC dose not need to work, and let it crunch till the hardware breaks. At $280/box for just the operating system for BOINC crunching, that is a little two expensive for my blood. Thats well over twice as expensive as the hard ware in the computer cost, for a drone!

All to often, new software stops supporting old hardware, causing hard drive failure to produce a useless doorstop. case and point, macro media flash player web-install only, media player web-install only, Internet exploder 5 redistribution-install broken at there site, Yahoo Messenger, etc no longer work on 98se, and what did work is no longer available. This is the very reason I despise force feed updates. Just give me an installable copy I can install without the box connected to your site.

I was hoping with one of the ubuntu's, I could make a snapshot of the working system and latest updates, so I could maintain the box as it is. Even if the hard drive fails in ten years. That is yet to happen. I'm giving this a break before I loose control over the undeniable erg to strangle the living source out of that penguin. How can people be so happy and positive over a system that is so much of a headache to install, that I currently don't care IF it works?

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